The more we store up our treasures in Heaven, the better we will prepare ourselves for death.

Jesus said that treasures we store up on Earth won’t last. Treasures we store up in Heaven await us and will last forever (see Matthew 6:19-21).

Our choice where to store up treasures dramatically affects how we face death and the afterlife. If someone lays up treasures on Earth, every day he gets closer to death, he moves away from his treasure. To him, death is loss.

He who lays up treasures in Heaven, however, looks forward to eternity. He moves daily toward his treasures. Since his heart lies with his treasures in Heaven, to him, death is gain, for it will bring him at last to what he most treasures.

When you leave this world, will you be remembered as one who accumulated treasures on Earth that you couldn’t keep? Or will you be recalled as one who invested treasures in Heaven that you can never lose?

~Randy Alcorn
If God is Good, Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil


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