Seventy times Seven

“Forgiveness reflects the highest human virtue, because it so clearly reflects the character of God. A person who forgives is a person who emulates godly character. Nothing so much demonstrates God’s love as His forgiveness. A person who does not forgive is therefore a person lacking godly character and without Christlike love, no matter how orthodox his theology or how outwardly impeccable his morals appear to be. A Christian who will not relinquish a hateful, resentful attitude toward someone who has wronged him is a person who knows neither the true glory of his redeemed humanity nor the true glory of God’s gracious divinity. An unforgiving Christian is a living contradiction of his new nature in Christ. It is central to the heart of God to forgive, and only the Christian who radiates forgiveness radiates true godliness.”

~John MacArthur

Forgiveness is so tricky, with the grace of God, and only with the grace of God, I think I have reached the point of true forgiveness and overcoming the blanket of oppression certain people have laid upon my soul, and then BAM a trigger is tripped and I am struggling to breath all over again. 

But I am never alone. Jesus will breath for me until I can muster the sense to reach out to Him and with Him and through Him forgive again.

Seven times Seventy ❤️


4 thoughts on “Seventy times Seven

  1. There were things in my past that were done to me that I thought I would never EVER be able to forgive. But through the grace of God I was able to let these things go and I felt so much better afterwards. Now I tend to forgive easily but it is still hard sometimes. Forgiveness is about extending the same grace given to me when I did not deserve it, to others who also deserve that same grace.

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