Ever Renewing Grace

Jesus smiles upon my soul as a ray of heaven

And my supplications are swallowed up in praise

~Valley of Vision

I am falling for the look of neglect, what a blessing
The chrysanthemums have survived!
The daisies seem to prefer my neglect
The roses, not so much, but they are survivors, like me

All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful:

The Lord God made them all.

~Cecil F. Alexander



Through the corridors of sleep
Past shadows dark and deep
My mind dances and leaps in confusion
I don’t know what is real
I can’t touch what I feel
And I hide behind the shield of my illusion

So I’ll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end
And flowers never bend with the rainfall

The mirror on my wall
Casts an image dark and small
But I’m not sure at all it’s my reflection
I’m blinded by the light
Of God, and truth, and right
And I wander in the night without direction

~Paul Simon