Thank You Lord

“It is not our job to be original, but to worship the Origin of All Things.”

~Jen Wilkins

“Furthermore, we are free to rely on God when our hope for a relationship or situation has dwindled to nothing. Remember, our Creator-God specializes in bringing something from nothing.

We cannot create hope where there is hopelessness, or love where there is lovelessness. We cannot create repentance where there is unrepentance, but we can cry out to the God who can.

In the first great act of creation, God miraculously rendered something from nothing. And He rejoices to continue that work in human hearts.

God may restore a broken relationship or circumstance, or He may simply restore hope to you in their midst. Not everything will be made new in this lifetime, but His promise to grow us in the fruit of the Spirit means we can know abundant life whether relationships and circumstances heal or not.”

~Jen Wilkins, None Like Him


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