Chicken Butt Surgery

Yes, you read that right. I am sure my daughter never thought she would sew back on a chicken butt, but she now has thanks to YouTube, and because chickens are just gosh darn ruthless. For one of the new chickens got stuck between two boards in an attempt to get away from the pecking of the established chickens. Unfortunately this left her vulnerable to a vicious attack upon her posterior.

Also, to be honest, there was human error involved, when we forgot we had mixed the little girls with the large ladies so they could get used to each other, and therefore left them unsupervised for too long. There will always be some pecking, but this was too much.

Anyway, poor little Zaboomafoo was left with her tush and tail feathers hanging on by a slim thread of skin, and my grandsons were much distressed. So it was their mama to the rescue. She snatched that chicken up, cleaned the wound, held her tight and sewed her behind back in place. 😳

Well, then she had to isolate her and watch for infection, and it appears that the best way to do this is to lift that chicken up close to your face and sniff around the incision. Hehehe, she never thought she would be doing that either. It didn’t help that the video suggested a diet of scrambled eggs as it would be mild and easy to digest, and chickens do particularly like scrambled eggs. However, this made the sniffing for infection a bit more difficult, because man oh man did that diet of eggs make that chicken stink 😝

Well it was a month or so ago when this episode took place, and Zaboomafoo is doing fine, but this came to my mind tonight because my daughter has sequestered herself in her workshop for the weekend, so it fell to me to put the yard and the animals to bed for the night, and while doing so, I took the opportunity to watch the chickens settling onto the roosting bars for the night. They make it so difficult as they all peck and jockey for their place. Chickens are so stupid. I enjoy them, but I am infinitely glad not to be one.

Oh yes, I should add, if you ever have to practice chicken surgery yourself, my daughter has two tips that were not in the video. Count your stitches and use bright purple thread. Because when you go to remove the stitches, it is particularly nice to know how many you are looking for, and also to be able to see them would have been helpful. She groused to me for days as she kept checking to make sure she’d found them all. That was my contribution, I sympathized 😁

Butt she has made me proud, not everyone has a chicken surgeon for a daughter 😉

❤️Blessings Belinda




Yesterday, the deep immovable sadness emerged. I know it is just a chemical malfunction, and I am completely cognizant of the actual sweetness of my life. For I can see the shiny rays of it trying to bend around the blockage. Occasional one will make it round and manage to touch the surface of my being, but they are weakened from the struggle and unable to spark the desire to move.

So I wait.

Not alone.

Not overwhelmed.

For, The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul.

How is it possible to be so incredibly sad, and so full of peace and love and joy at the same time?


Attic Boxes


As I am going through the many boxes from my mother’s attic, I continue to find the unexpected. Last Sunday I opened the box above and was surprised by more than forty (I quit counting at forty, I am lazy like that) stunning baskets resting within.


The colors are heavenly, and each one is unique.


They have been carefully hand stitched by someone with meticulous patience.


Some of them have been stitched onto fabric and a few of them have a  bow sketched at the top of the handle. I wonder if the intent was to embroidery this part?


The blocks were being put together with this completely inappropriate (in my opinion) polyester rainbow fabric. It is interesting fabric, just not for this.


Yes 😍


No 😑

Anyway, I think this entire project will be lovingly put back in the box, until I muster up the courage to work with it, and the skill to not ruin it. Both of which are far far away.

Blessings Belinda


Awards AKA a List

So, way back last week, the Second-Rate Scientist paid forward a tickle me pink complement, and I immediately proceeded to daydream a grand, extraordinary, fantabulous post of response…..

Unfortunately it is gone, and this makes it difficult to move forward, because those posts that are built out of nothing, and returned to nothing, within the recesses of my mind are the best ones I will ever write.

However I do remember that I had a revelation, that one of the reasons I appreciate awards is for the links to the blogs of others. For what better way to discover new writers, than through the recommendations of those you already follow.

It is for this reason that I am pressing on with this post regardless of the disappointment I am bound to feel about it, when I compare it with that nebulous treasure buried without an X somewhere deep, and I gotta tell ya, it was good. You will just have to take my word on it


(Image property of

Seven Facts:

1) I love lists. I have answered awards in the past just to be able to write a list. However I never wanted to pay it forward, when in actuality, answering these questions is the irrelevant part of the award. It is the list of new blogs to check out that gives them purpose. But I love lists, hehehe, so you are going to have to read through the facts to get to them.

2) I also stapled my finger. Not by accident, I did it on purpose. Almost like I couldn’t control myself; it was so fascinating. Until it was over that is, and then, wow does it hurt. Especially the solvent on the staples, it itches for hours, like christmas tree needle punctures, when you have let the tree die, good and dead, before you take it down. Anyway, I thought I was the only one. Makes you wonder how many finger staplers are out there?

3) The teen years are my favorite ones when it comes to children. Two year olds run a close second, but only if they are not related, because changing diapers is something I am so over.

4) I have five children, but come from a family of seven children, so I feel like a slacker in the offspring department. What is wrong with you, I hear you ask, and you’re right, so illogical.

5) Baleeted, everythings fine, nothing is ruined.

6) I like raisins in my cookies. I know, I know, take me out back and shoot me, but I will still take raisins over chocolate chips any day.

7) I consider rules to be more of guidelines than a hard lines in the sand, and I frequently color outside the lines.

Seven Links:

The part you’ve been waiting for. I don’t do this with intent to cause a burden on the bloggers below. Please do not feel you have to acknowledge this in any way, since I know that so many eschew awards entirely. Think of it more as show and tell.

❤️ Blessings Belinda

I know I said seven, but fact number seven covers this last one. For Oscar and Horace of moonbunnycreations have become special to me. It takes time, not to appreciate Helen’s lovely drawings, but to become deeply attached to the sweet simplicity and kindness of the two friends.


Bat Bunny Returns


I suppose Bat Bunny was enjoying my lawn mowing hiatus as much as I was. For today as I tried to get in a quick mow before church, she came and sat directly in my path, protecting her dandelion desserts I presume. Well it was getting too hot to be out there anyway and I don’t want to be to odiferous in the pews, so I will just have to be satisfied with a job half done, because truly, I am ever so glad to see her again. I was a wee bit concerned she had been captured by a well meaning human that thinks she belongs in a cage…..sigh ☹️


You Just Never Know

“I’m remembering a quote that said that if all the prayers I ever prayed consisted of “Help,” “Thanks,” and “Wow,” I’d be doing alright.”

I read these words tonight over at Ragamuffingospelfan’s Blog and they hit the nail right on the head for me. For this is my prayer life in a nutshell. Maybe not something I would want to admit in some circles, but I have never claimed perfection, and long and lengthy prayers are so very darn hard for me to focus on. Not sure why, it just is what it is. However, I can keep a running commentary of help Lord, thanks Lord and wow Lord, going on all day, but still quiet devoted intercessory prayer……no. I tend to wander off into the corners of my mind and pick through the days unfulfilled dreams and desires, or perhaps unfortunately, the day’s discards and lost opportunities. Thus a set aside time of prayer for me tends to turn into self-indulgent navel gazing instead.

I love how so often, it is the small unexpected encounters with another’s words and ideas that can make such a difference in one’s own life. Like for instance tonight, recognizing that I have been trying to approach and encounter prayer in a manner which is all wrong for me, and instead of feeling like a selfish failure in this aspect of my Christian walk, I should embrace prayer where I am today, what I do well today, what works for me today, rather than continuing to strive after a one size fits all approach, where I am trying to fit myself into a rhythm and mold that squeezes me mercilessly, until all my joy runs out onto the floor and evaporates.

Then tonight, lo and behold, in my face, is the answer. I’m doing alright, because you know what, there is no definable right way, only the way which connects you with the Holy Spirit within, and only you can find that path. It is an individual thing.

So wow Lord I am so awestruck by Your ability to weave my needs into the works of others and lead me to them!

Thank you Lord for this peace filled day.

Lord please give comfort and help to all those in need, and please open the eyes of those still stifled by darkness and show them Your glory!

Please Lord let this post be pleasing to You and bring You glory.

That is easy, this I can do without ceasing ❤️

It is amazing Lord, this gift You have given us. This ability to learn. I gotta tell ya Lord. It rocks!

Blessings Belinda



24 Robbers knocking at my door?

Thank goodness no!

24 Blackbirds baked in a pie?

Yuck, yuck, and double yuck!

24 hours for Jack Bauer to save us?


Struggling to bring cohesiveness to a sweet but nebulous idea sparked by my son, and racing time to finish a birthday quilt by Wednesday?


😉 Blessings Belinda