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Today I spend the evening at an art walk with my daughter. These art shows were typically a ready made opportunity for me to people watch and create fantastical stories of their life for my own enjoyment.

However with my daughter’s increasing skill in her jewelry art, these shows are now busy occasions with many sales and actual, rather than imaginary, interactions with real live people.

This is a really good thing considering my current state of unemployment, and additionally, I am as proud a mama as is possible. Especially when I see such photos as above, with a sampling of her sterling silver flowers, where each individual petal is hand cut and formed.

I just wish I wasn’t smack dab in the middle of a fibro flare, because I’m not going to be much more than a warm body in a chair this evening.

My daughter assures me that just my simple presence is helpful, and I know that she is not just blowing smoke with those words, so disappointing her is not a problem.

No, I am the problem, for even after 25 years with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, I have not reconciled my perceived self to my limitations, and I let this irrationality influence my opinion of myself in unhelpful negative ways…sigh.

As always though, I know I can find restoration with the Lord. He sees me as I am, not as I think I should be, and pours in His love beyond measure to fill in the gaps I have left hanging wide open from a desire to be other than I am.

I guess you could say that feasting upon His word daily plumps me up enough to smooth out the rough edges of being human.

Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. — Isaiah 12:3



Attic Boxes


As I am going through the many boxes from my mother’s attic, I continue to find the unexpected. Last Sunday I opened the box above and was surprised by more than forty (I quit counting at forty, I am lazy like that) stunning baskets resting within.


The colors are heavenly, and each one is unique.


They have been carefully hand stitched by someone with meticulous patience.


Some of them have been stitched onto fabric and a few of them have a  bow sketched at the top of the handle. I wonder if the intent was to embroidery this part?


The blocks were being put together with this completely inappropriate (in my opinion) polyester rainbow fabric. It is interesting fabric, just not for this.


Yes 😍


No 😑

Anyway, I think this entire project will be lovingly put back in the box, until I muster up the courage to work with it, and the skill to not ruin it. Both of which are far far away.

Blessings Belinda



Love Lee Spring


Liebe Lee Was Here


I remember when my brother and I put our Zoro masks on and went around the outside of the house and painted a Z on all the surfaces we could find. Boy did we get in trouble.  Somehow I don’t think this is quite the same, and she for sure is not in trouble for liking to paint on the house when it comes out looking like this. ❤️