Peace and Onion Tea


Whenever my one of mother’s days became too chaotic, she would sigh and wistfully murmur, how lovely it would be to have a wee bit of peace and onion tea, and as a child it seemed to me that it must be the ultimate of concoctions.

Of course now as an adult, I know that she was wishing for peace and unity among her seven children, however I like to ignore that kernel of knowing, and remember instead my unfulfilled desire for that ever elusive onion tea of peace and quiet.

Recently though I have come close, as I sit in front of my large picture window and watch the hummingbirds, butterflies, and our adventurous rabbit, bebop, flit, and flurry in the sun, shining on the wonder my front yard has become.

Thus I am ever so thankful for my own splendiferous batch of frequently load and chaotic offspring, who have given me my own little piece of paradise, and all without having to choke down some horrific onion tea first.



Care Takers


Rulio Trulio Butterfly Bush


Rabbit Food


Sigh……Rabbits like yarrow too 🤨


Peaches 💕

30A71554-ACB4-4A93-A14E-4EFD7A43CF0ESo very many more hoses to be laid before mulch can be added 😳 and patience applied, for it will fill in with time, and it is so tempting to plant too much too soon and not leave room for improvement, or the unexpected.


The oregano needs to be cut soon. Maybe this year I can find some takers.


My lovely little rule breakers. I relented with them, and planted bushes up next to the house. Still, it is only my rule and night blooming jasmine lurking outside my bedroom window will certainly spice up my life.

18100848-9772-4F84-A7C7-2658654F3EE8The lily fence is doing its job quite nicely.

1F549E41-A529-41DA-B993-9A560B909E97Of all the flowers we have planted, it is these simple white daisies that move me most 💚

“And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:11-12


Cautionary Coat


Sigh….nothing last forever. This little cautionary jacket was once bright blue with shiny gold buttons. My grandson made it as a warning for Bat Bunny to keep away from the strawberries. He decided what better way was there, than to make a replica of little Peter Cottontail’s jacket as a warning of what can happen to wayward rabbits 😳

Anyway, it tickled me pink when I came across it in the garden on day, and I am sad to see it fading. Still it will always be a memory I suppose, and that is all one really has time clicks by.  So I will just be thankful I have so many good ones, and rejoice in their abundant accumulation.

To God be the glory!



Auspicious Beginning


It just might bode well for the new year to have begun so industriously. For I started out the day putting the new plant my daughter gave me into the ground, and dividing and transplanting bulbs. I will have squat legs tomorrow, but that’s tomorrow problem so let’s leave it there.


While I was busy in the front, my daughter continued with the tree fort. She finished the trap door, and started another platform on the side. Unfortunately work on this project stopped for need of more materials, and an errant nail through the flesh of her thumb. She was unfazed by the incident, but for her boys it was cringe worthy when she had to pull the nail back through both holes.


I had planned to clean up and throw away all the cardboard I was saving for grass death under some raised beds I no longer plan to have in the front yard, but the boys have been using it to build forts, and protective barriers during Nerf wars, so it gets to hang around until the rains come I guess.


So we decided to move the chicken coop because my sons were home, and with their help we were able to do it easy peasy. Whereas, my daughter and I alone would have struggled. Sigh, there are times it would be nice to have such upper body strength, but then again, I wouldn’t want all the responsibility that comes along with it too.


Now come spring, we are going to have a lovely garden where the coop has been sitting for the last three years. I just need to get out there soon and use some of the barbecue rubble around the perimeter to keep the grass at bay.


I was positively delighted to have fall colors finally arrive in my front yard in the last week or so. I had always wanted to plant tall stately deciduous trees to be able to watch the leaves change and fall, and when I decided to fill the front yard with fruit trees I thought I was giving up on that desire, but now I am rolling my eyes at myself in disbelieve of my ignorance, because I got exactly what I wanted by accident.


Last but not least, I relented and removed the luscious spring flowers from the bay window. I am really pleased I did, because they have been replaced with a family project of paper snow flakes. Thus we get to have the illusion of winter until it finally up and decides to show its face here in sunny boring Southern California.

Happy New Year 2018