50:12 Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

12) A how-to post on something you know nothing about.


I do many things I know absolutely nothing about, and I manage to do this by utilizing my resources, or in other words, I ask my splendiforous children.

Unfortunately this doesn’t make much of a how to post, because what do I say besides, I ask? However I can share one of the ventures I have done without know-how before hand, or to be completely honest, without enough know-how even now.

It began with the discovery of the therapeutic nature of a shovel.


Thus began the Great Grass War…

Which is still in progress at this point…..

We have reached the far side of the front yard, where things have stalled as they tend to do around here. Well at least until the blazing sun gives us some respite, or the muscles come home for a visit.

I suppose I can end by sharing that my view of utilizing my resources changed significantly when I began homeschooling my youngest two children. For at the public school it was frowned upon to ask others for the answers, as if it was cheating. But I came to understand that it didn’t matter how you came to learn something as long as you did learn it. I mean really isn’t that the point?

Why has learning become a competition, rather than the simple pursuit of knowledge?

Anyway, I found it liberating to realize a significant part of homeschooling was about learning how to learn more than anything else, and that I was not going to have to spoon-feed every lesson forever, because once they learned how to take an objective and find the answers themselves, they were unstoppable.

Well, this is not going as I wanted, it appears that I have not yet learned how to easily communicate what I mean.

But then again, when has not knowing how ever stopped me before 😉