Finally have gotten this beauty ready to repair with a wee bit of tender loving care and sunshine. Thankfully only the edges where body oils were are damaged. I have worked my way though so many that were unfortunately so neglected by the previous owner that they fell apart when handled. Such a waste and hard lesson learned for her about keeping cloth items clean.



A New Day to Rejoice

Well yesterday is gone. The new company was an enjoyable addition once the ice was broken, and so many lines of conversation got cut off mid stream, as they are oft to do at family gatherings, that my insatiable curiosity was triggered repeatedly, and now I am intrigued. However it also appears that like me, they prefer the familiarity of their own castle, so it will most likely take the children doings to pry us out of our treacherous chairs to ever meet and greet again.


And because I have promised my eldest to stop deleting my posts I will let yesterday’s pity party stay put, and not delete it as would have been my previous modus operandi…..sigh. Besides, it appears that this is to be a year of change, because someone rescued the turkeys that were to be fed to Godzilla. Perhaps it is time to stop feeding our monsters.

Anyway, on a happier note, I have three days with nothing to do but pull weeds and work on the quilt I have finally started, and I intend to rejoice and be glad in them!


This work is an apt representation of me I suppose, for I have bins and bins of lovely fabric waiting to be used, but instead I choose to take on the challenge of cutting up old shirts and forcing it to work. Perhaps because there is no expectation of success.


Blessings Belinda