Today is Memorial Day in my country, a day when, like many other nations, we express our gratitude for those who’ve given their lives defending us. Traditionally, of course, this means those who died in battle. And indeed it should. But there are other kinds of heroes and other kinds of battles, as well. There […]

via Courage Has Many Faces — Mitch Teemley

Courage Has Many Faces — Mitch Teemley


His diagnosis saddened the entire school. A third grade boy had a medical disorder which would require chemotherapy. After a period of time he was able to return to his classroom, with many safety precautions in place due to his lowered immunity. I completed sessions with his classmates on proper hand washing before his return […]

via “ . . . for Scott . . .” — Nurse Flemr

“ . . . for Scott . . .” — Nurse Flemr